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Useful Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Once upon a time a carpet served as a status symbol of an individual or a clan. Times have changed over recent generations and middle and lower middle class people can now afford to carpet their homes and to give them a look and feel of richness. However in order to maintain the beauty and value of this expensive floor covering its owners should become familiar with some practical carpet cleaning tips.

Today’s rich and multi-colored carpets are the result of the latest manufacturing techniques as developed over the centuries. Combining the yarn used in the upper surface of the carpet with the often heavy canvas or other material providing the backing requires a combination of patience, skill and precision.

The carpet manufacturer today has many target markets for his product including: commercial spaces, residential homes, hospitals, offices and many more. A particularly lucrative market is for corporate offices that need the richness that carpeting provides to impress important clients.

There is a popular misconception that it is difficult to clean and maintain carpets. The following are a number of professional tips that should enable you to maintain your carpet in mint condition with a minimum amount of time and effort:

1. Use a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner => this is probably the most effective way of keeping your carpet clean without too much effort. Vacuum your carpet as often as feasible in order to avoid the accumulation of dirt within its fibers.
2. Rake the Carpet => to clean the carpet thoroughly, try to rake it before using the vacuum cleaner on it. Use of the rake will loosen accumulated dirt such as pet hairs and other large particles. Raking the carpet is effective since it removes the larger particles of grime allowing the vacuum cleaner to concentrate on the finer ones.
3. Remove Stains and Spills Immediately => make certain to remove spills and stains as soon as possible but not by rubbing the stained area with anything that comes to hand as this will usually only create a white spot in the area of the stain. Use a reliable and effective cleaning agent to avoid harming the carpet’s often delicate surface. Spilled liquids should be sopped up using a clean, soft towel while solids should be immediately scraped off using a blunt palette type knife or spoon to avoid tearing the surface.
4. Use Only Mild Stain Removers => this is to avoid harming the carpet surface by use of harsh chemicals with potentially destructive ingredients.
5. Avoid Digging or Brushing Spots => become familiar with the proper procedure for scraping solids and accumulated grime from a carpet. The proper procedure for removing a spot is to start from the outer portion and work toward the middle of the spot taming it with a blunt tool or soft cloth.
6. Minimize use of Stain Removers, Detergents or Shampoos => this will prevent the accumulation of harmful particles from these cleaning agents.
7. Never Leave a Carpet Soaked in Water => exposing a carpet to water for extended periods of time results in “brownouts”, shrinkage and various adhesion problems.
8. Extract Accumulated Residue => extract the residue left by detergents and other foreign bodies as often as possible.
9. Never Cover-up a Carpet’s Dirt or Spots => this should be a prohibition of the first order as this will only make the remaining residue more difficult to remove.
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